Impact Security Training Center

(713) 460-6500

7070 W 43rd St Ste 202, Houston, TX 77092


Specialized Training Courses

 Impact Security Training Center provides tailor designed training courses for your Company and your Security Officer’s needs. Tactical Communications – Verbal Judo 4 Hours Understand and utilize the techniques of diffusing and redirection of anger in a potentially dangerous situation.

Security Officer – Supervisory Courses

 Fundamentals of Security Supervision 16 Hours  Familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibility of a supervisor.  This class will cover the techniques and communication needed to be a supervisor as well as scheduling, Guard Force Management, and personnel issues

Concealed Handgun License and Renewal (CHL)

 Our classes are taught by CHL Certified Instructors. Your fee includes classroom  instruction, photographs, fingerprints, and proficiency testing. Concealed Handgun License Classes are 10 hours minimum, as required by the state, and are either one-day complete  classes or two evening

Certified Weapons Courses

Impact Security Training Center offers certified weapons courses for non-commissioned and commissioned officers who may need this type of training for specific job sites and for company needs. Baton: 6-8 hours of classroom and practical application with certification


State Certified Security Officer Training

Level II: Required 8 hours of classroom training for (unarmed) non-commissioned officers. Course Covers; Level III: Required 30 hours of classroom and range training. Upon completion of this course, the officer is allowed to carry an exposed firearm on duty.

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